"Why" "İZCİ" ?

Photo and Video Sharing

Pictures or videos of activities and activities during the day are quickly transmitted to parents. Thanks to the Tracker, families can see pictures and videos conveniently and “SAFELY” and save them if they want.

Food and Meal Sharing

Parents are curious about the food their children eat and their quantities. The monthly food list sent to them by the school is printed on paper, so it is unlikely that they will be able to carry it with them and look at it often. This leads parents to call the school to get information about what food is and whether their children are eating. The tracker also keeps track of the entire meal list and reports information about how much of which meal you eat.

Daily Report

Diary books are used in kindergartens to inform parents. As it takes serious time to fill these notebooks, their readability by parents is not high. Activities done during the day, eating situations, etc. they prepare daily reports with brief information. When the parent sees the notification, they can browse quickly.

Event Calendar

The monthly program, which shows the activities, trainings, and studies that children will do for a month, is transmitted to parents by schools every month. Because parents cannot carry the monthly program that comes to them as printed documents, they stand in a corner and cannot follow the development of their children.The tracker, on the other hand, will be able to follow the child's day-to-day development and studies by looking at the program whenever the parent wants, since the monthly program is on the parent's mobile phone.

Health and Drug Notification

Parents enter the medications that their children should take into the application and enter information such as the drug name, date, time, method of administration and dosage of the drug. When the medicine time comes, a voice notification comes to the teacher's phone reminding him that the medicine time has come. Thus, medications are given on time and regularly. Notification goes to the guardian.

Parental Leave Approvals

You can make the information you want to convey to parents in preschool institutions in the announcements section in a very short time. Or you can get approval from the parent by publishing the student's permission confirmation for an event at any time.

Announcement and Survey

Class by class, if you want, it can be sent to parents all over the school. You can also organize mini-surveys about the school and class as you like.


It is possible to send messages to the parents of individual students, whether class by class or not.

Pay and Dues Tracking

One of the biggest problems of preschool institutions is that irregular incoming payments disrupt the pay balance of the institution and may cause a lack of concentration. It prevents the loss of extra time for the follow-up of payments. With the dues reminder system, the system automatically starts to remind the parent if the dues are delayed. Thus, it is ensured that the school dues are paid more regularly. It will prevent the troubles that may arise in the future.

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